Tuff-Coat ™ Shatter Containment

Welcome to Norman Lamps, Inc. Shatterproof Lamp Coating Division

Since 1985 Norman Lamps, Inc. has been supplying lighting products for industry including a wide variety of applications. With one of the largest lamp inventories in the United States, Norman has grown to become a key source for many companies requiring cost effective, off-the-shelf delivery of quality lamps and related lamp products.

In the year 2000, recognizing new laws and growing demand for shatterproof coating lamps, Norman began development and production of the protective silicone lamp coating. The Tuff-Coat shatterproof lamp process by Norman was born.

We have the experience, state of the art equipment, and the best trained shatterproof light bulb coating staff anywhere. In addition, we can also shatterproof coat lamps you supply. But that's not all. Perhaps most importantly, we offer these superior silicone and shatterproof fluorescent coating services in combination with quick turn around time and pricing that will keep more profits in your pocket. For all your Shatterproof lamp needs from Shatterproof Fluorescent lamps for the food service industry to safety shatterproof light bulbs that protect exposure to public places.

Shatter Containment Tests