Coatings Available > Silicone

Silicone advantages:

  • Thick Coating
  • High Temperature Rating
  • 300 Degree Continuous Operation
  • Durable, Easy Grip Finish
  • Low Cost
  • Non Yellowing

Norman Lamps, Inc. utilizes Silicone elastomer for applications requiring a thick, highly durable, high temperature, low cost glass containment system. Norman Lamps, Inc. utilizes specialty silicones produced by General Electric Company used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Norman has adapted this product and reformulated it in order to produce an optimal coating material for shatter containment of lamps. This reformulated Silicone material, in conjunction with our exclusive application and curing process, produces a superior finished product as compared to Chinese and other domestic silicone processes.

Standard thickness of our Silicone coating is approx. 10mil. Although our standard single application of Silicone is more than sufficient, Silicone can be applied a second time producing extreme coatings as thick as 20mil. Silicone elastomer is very versatile and used on a wide variety of coated lamps that Norman produces.